Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Dolphins and Ricky Williams May Need to Create Perfect Harmony

"I'd love nothing more than to finish my career winning a Super Bowl with the Dolphins, but that's gonna take some cooperation from others." This tweet is courtesy of Miami running back Ricky Williams, the same player that in January said it was time to move on from the Dolphins. What a difference five months and the lockout can make.

Williams has changed his tune several times over the last five months. In January he said it was time to move on. In March he basically said he would have fun wherever he played, whether it be in Miami or elsewhere. In April he said if the Dolphins want him to stay and make a fair offer it would be hard to turn down. Cut to the above tweet in June. The question is what should Miami do?

It's no secret the Dolphins want fresh legs in the running back corp, but they may need a veteran to teach these young guys, such as recently drafted Daniel Thomas, the ropes. Veteran leadership is important because the longer the lockout goes on, the less time for the newbies to become acclimated to playing in the NFL or for free agents to become comfortable playing for a new organization.

Miami may have a different offensive playbook under new coordinator Brian Daboll, but don't think for a second that Williams doesn't have something to offer. Last year he rushed for 673 yards (averaging 4.2 yards per carry) and two touchdowns. Not bad for a 33 year old.

What Miami may want to consider is the veteran experience Williams brings, a sentiment he stressed when talking to WQAM-560. "I have things to offer that a rookie can't offer. I think I bring positivity. I think I bring leadership. I've proven I can play at a high level consistently."

Whether or not the Dolphins head office agrees, we'll have to wait and see. Afterall Williams had some pretty harsh words for teammates and coaching staff back in January when he was sure he would never put on a Dolphins uniform again.

It may be in the end the Dolphins admit the importance of locker room leadership and sign Williams for one year, but Williams may have to compromise on the financial terms

With no player contact allowed it's hard to tell which way the brass is leaning. Pat Kirwan of brings out an important point, "With 29 backs taken in the recent draft it doesn't leave many teams looking to spend big bucks in that position... there really aren't many willing to pay much in free agency for a veteran, especially if the next contract brings the back past his 30th birthday."

Williams himself said they haven't shown much interest in resigning him, but just as he changed his tune, so may the Dolphins.

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